The challenge when touring by bicycle is to strike a good balance between mooching and covering the kilometres required to reach your daily destination. Getting at least halfway by lunchtime helps, over halfway is better.

Today we started out with a longish descent on the way out of Saint-Brieuc. It can be disconcerting to begin by losing all of your altitude! A few ups and downs brought us to a small town where we stopped for coffee and finished off yesterday’s Far Breton. Lunch was at Plouha where the church has a fine set of gargoyles. Plouha claims to be on the linguistic dividing line between Gallic and Breton – road signs are now displaying place names in both French and Breton.

At Paimpol we stocked up with food supplies for dinner at a small supermarket that had a good selection of Breton cheeses, ciders and tarts.

We are taking small quiet roads passing through dairy farms, forests and fields of barley, potatoes, artichokes and cauliflowers. Many towns have prominent memorials to the two World Wars. There was much WW2 action around here and significant bombing damage done to some towns.

Our Airbnb hosts in Penvenan heated our soupe de poisson (colour and consistency of thick mud but rich and tasty), chilled our cider and served us freshly made crepes with homemade jam and Grand Marnier!

Today’s route (approx)


2 Responses to “Penvenan”

  1. Bronwyn Parkin Says:

    Happy birthday Rosalie from Maningrida to Breton.

    • Rosalie Day Says:

      Thanks Bron, quite a contrast between the two places in which we find ourselves today!

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