Max and Claudie, our Airbnb hosts in Penvenan, were kind and helpful. Despite their inability to speak any English and our poor French, we communicated well on various topics. They provided tea and more crepes for breakfast and wrapped some up for the road (avec Grand Marnier!).

Today we have had some rain showers, the first while we were cosily ensconced in a cafe in Lannion, and several others, all brief but cold. The Red Riding Hood cape has proven its worth in these conditions as it converts my rig into a 2 wheeled mobile home that keeps my legs dry, hands warm and makes a visual impact as well. My bike has an intermittent problem with the freewheel which seizes up while I’m coasting downhill –  the solution is to keep pedalling; no rest for my legs!

We stopped for lunch at Saint-Michel-en-Greve and sheltered inside the church which is situated right beside the beach. At low tide the wide flat sand stretched way out to the white-capped sea.

In Morlaix, our destination for the day, we had time for more cafe sitting. There is a huge viaduct here, built in the late 1800s, spanning two sides of a narrow steep valley. We had to ride up to the top to reach our accommodation. We had expected to stay with a Warmshowers host but, on arrival, found that he had outsourced this task to his elderly mother, Marie, who was delighted to welcome us. She speaks no English and we think she said that her son is in Scotland. He did not mention this to us – but all is well and we are glad to have a roof over our heads!

Today’s route (approx)

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