Day trip to Le Conquet


The Famille Jacq recommended a short excursion via Pointe Saint-Mathieu to Le Conquet, a small town about 25km to the west of Brest. We rode through the centre of Brest, along the Rue de Jean Jaure with trams and many shops and across the Pont de Recouvrance.

The kilometres were longer than usual and it took ages to get there. In fact, for some time I ceased to believe that Pointe Saint-Mathieu existed at all. I eventually had to concede that it did as we reached the lighthouse, ruined abbey and memorial to sailors lost at sea. From this spot there is a wide view out to sea, towards the island of Ushant (Ouessant in French, and part of Brittany) and many other small rocky islands, some with lighthouses. It is only a short distance away that the Amoco Cadiz oil tanker disaster occurred in 1978.

In Le Conquet we bought Kouign-amann from the boulangerie – another Breton cake that we were obliged to sample for research purposes. It is only 30% butter, the rest being sugar and flour, making it both delicious and healthy.

The Church of St Croix in Le Conquet has beautiful contemporary stained glass windows depicting various saints including Joan of Arc and St Christopher.

On returning to Brest, further assistance was sought from the customer-unfriendly because Ian’s data card was still not delivering the promised service. We struggled to explain the technical problem with our limited language skills but our assistant was worse. At one point, while examining Ian’s drivers licence (photo ID is important), she pointed to ‘Organ Donor’ and asked if that was his name. Ha ha. We think (hope) it’s fixed (properly) now – same as we thought yesterday.

The house of our hosts is filled with the art works of Marie-anick who does printmaking and drypoint.

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  1. parksidestories Says:

    Rosalie, I’m so glad you’re still following your low cholesterol “di”!

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