Aujourd’hui il pleut!


Today it is raining! So we have remained in Brest to rest the legs, explore the city and do some planning.

Last night we were treated to an hilarious evening during which Marie-anick, Erick and friends rehearsed in the living room for a performance that is being presented today at the wedding of friends. It’s a gay wedding, now legal in France, and Marie-anick had adapted the words of several Abba songs to be incorporated into a short dramatic play. We were highly entertained and wished them ‘merde’ for the occasion – sounds rude but it’s the French equivalent of ‘break a leg’!

This morning we ventured out with raincoats on to visit a couple of local produce markets. Both had a wide range of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, fish and crepes, as well as tasting opportunities. We learnt about the problem of the strawberries from Spain that are threatening the viability of local growers, and about an unusual product – Breton pesto made from seaweed.

Much of Brest was destroyed in WW2, so most buildings date from the mid-20th century. We visited the churches of Saint-Martin and Saint-Louis, the latter a modern construction with concrete tower, striking stained-glass windows and an informative display about its history – the original church, its destruction and re-building.

Brest has smart green trams that roll quietly through the town. We rode down the famous Rue de Jean Jaurès and Rue de Siam, then around to the commercial port area before returning to our home for route planning and decision making.

We bade farewell to Marie-anick and Erick who departed for the wedding at Le Conquet. They have been the most generous and hospitable hosts possible and we thank them for their wonderful company, delicious meals, local guidance and French language assistance.


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