A long day with dawdling


The weather improved and the sun was shining as we left Brest. After 25km we arrived in the small town of Daoulas where there was a market – excellent reason for a longish dawdle to inspect and sample things. The crepe complete and gallette with sausage made a good breakfast. We were impressed by the huge vertical chicken rotisseries, the enormous pans of paella, potatoes dauphinoise, roasted meats and vegetables – ready cooked food to take home. The bread stall was running low but backup supplies arrived including several massive dark crusty rye loaves over 1 metre long.

We had many views of the sea as we progressed, up and down many hills. Rain showers necessitated more stopping. As it was Sunday many places were closed, but in France there’s always a bar tabac. These are like a bar combined with newsagent and SmokeMart and are relatively congenial, especially now that there is no smoking inside. So in Pont de Buis we had cider, then in Pont Launay made lunch in the bus shelter beside the Nantes-Brest canal.

In Quimper there was a big Turkish festival in the square beside the cathedral, so more dawdling occurred while we watched young costumed dancers, an oud (or something similar) player and some young dervishes whirling with white skirts and tall felt hats. We had gozleme, kebab and ayran just in case we missed dinner later.

It was around 7.30pm when we reached Concarneau (Konk Kerne in Breton), a charming seaside town where we stayed with WarmShowers hosts Padrig, Sarah and their little daughter Camille. They cycled from Bangkok to France a few years ago. We were not too late for dinner and were treated to a song (Nantes by Beirut) from Padrig who has a lovely voice and plays ukulele!

Today’s route


3 Responses to “A long day with dawdling”

  1. Linepark Abroad (text by BP, photos by RL) Says:

    Despite the food, I’m feeling tired and damp.

  2. rosalind powrie Says:

    What interesting hosts you have Rosalie I am wondering what P played on the uke. Hope for a little less rain tomorrow xRos

    • Rosalie Day Says:

      It was Nantes by Beirut – will add this important detail to the post. He sang it better than they do

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