Despite the late night socialising we were up early as Padrig and Sarah had to go to work and Camille had to go to her nanny. The sun shone, the skies were blue, the hills tailed off and the wind has been at our backs most of the day.

We had an extended break at Pont-Aven, a small town straddling a stream that tumbles though a mill-race into a tidal river. Yachts were propped on their keels in the mud as the tide was out. Pont-Aven was a favourite of Paul Gaugin and there are many art galleries filled with the works of latter-day artists inspired by his example. It is certainly picturesque.

We have entered an area of intense neolythic activity. We haven’t seen any dolmens yet (or big, fat men in striped pants) but there are many standing stones (menhirs) – 10,000 in the immediate vicinity of Carnac where we are staying the night. We saw quite a few as we arrived and will venture out before breakfast tomorrow to see them without our fellow tourists and in the early morning light.

It’s Monday so most restaurants are closed. We ventured into one that seemed to be open but were redirected by the proprietor. We took her advice and went to another nearby restaurant which proved excellent. She followed her own advice and arrived there later for her own dinner.

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