Amazing city


Bordeaux is a little overwhelming! The Esplanade des Quinquonces, the incredible Monument aux Girondins, Cathedrale Saint-Andre… We climbed the bell tower which was built separately to protect the church from the vibrations (good ones naturally). The Miroir d’Eau, a large shallow pool with special water effects including mist, is popular. We watched a class of primary school children doing expressive dance there.

Downstream along the waterfront we were prevented from inspecting the gleaming, about to be opened museum, La Cite du Vin, by a CTG (big worker’s union) demonstration. It was attended by flag and banner wavers as well as heavily protected riot police who had closed the area off.

Our visit to the SNCF office gave their staff member a good half hour of hard work after which she failed to find a way for us to travel by train with our bikes (unfolded and not in a bag) from Barcelona to Amsterdam.

Bordeaux has no overhead wires for street lighting or trams – impressive. But they have not solved the problem of dog poo, an unpleasant feature in many streets.

One Response to “Amazing city”

  1. Herman Vandecauter Says:

    Alex King of Ukulelistan bought a foldable one for his tour to Iceland! Could be hard with the strikes in France now. But also strikes in Belgium and too much water! 😦

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