Hola España


After breakfast we had a short, slightly wayward walk in the forest to get a last view of Ax-les-Thermes and then spent the rest of the morning lazing waiting for the train. When we got to the station we found that, due to the mouvement social (aka strike), the train had been cancelled. There was a bus a couple of hours later that could take us to Puigcerdà but would it take our bikes? The railway staff member locking the station as he left confirmed our interpretation of the situation but would offer no opinion on this question.

When the bus arrived the driver didn’t care. If we could fit our bikes into the underfloor cargo bins it was OK by him. We could and off we sped to Spain.

The traffic was as heavy as expected and with no shoulder to the road we were glad we weren’t cycling. The valley was spectacular and then the road ducked into a 5 km tunnel and emerged on the other side of the watershed and dropped down to Latour de Carol – the last town in France. A few  kilometres of downhill riding took us to Spain and Puigcerdà so our legs are well rested.

The landscape has opened out. The mountains are taller and the valleys wider. The grand scale of the scenery is stunning. Puigcerdà sits on top of a hill with views across the valley to snow-streaked mountains all around. We managed to find some food before 10pm!


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