Collada de Toses


Puigcerda is located in a stunning setting in a wide valley with the French Pyrenees to the north and the Spanish to the south. It is close to many ski resorts and has lots of expensive hotels and tourist accommodation. We stayed in a small family-run hotel with a great view of the mountains.

Our route today involved a 25km climb to reach Collada de Toses at 1790m followed by a 35km descent to Ripoll at 700m. The scenery was spectacular with mountains on all sides, yellow gorse in flower, deciduous and pine forests, streams and roadside fountains. We passed a herd of cows of many colours with clanging bells and pointy horns.

Another road took most of the traffic so we only had to share ours with a few motorcyclists and bike riders. The gradient was moderate so steady work on the pedals got us there without too much sweat. At Collada de Toses there is a massive new hotel, presumably catering for the ski season, currently closed for the summer and therefore not serving coffee. But no problem as in a short time we were in Ribes de Freser and found cafes con leche there.

A few more kilometres down the hill brought us to Ripoll, at the confluence of the rivers Freser and Ter. The Freser provides power for several factories through roadside mill races that are also plundered with siphons by opportunistic vegetable gardeners for their plots. Ripoll has many narrow streets and places where people gather and children play. The flag of the Catalan independence movement flies from many balconies.

We are trying to acquire some basic vocabulary and improve our understanding of when food can be obtained. However both lunch and dinner were had so we’re doing ok.

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  1. Linepark Abroad (text by BP, photos by RL) Says:

    Breath taking

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