Figueras, the birthplace of Salvador Dalí and location of the Dalí Museum, is 30 minutes by train from Girona, so we headed up there today for some surrealism.

The building is near the centre of the town, adjacent to the church of Sant Pere de Figueres, deep red in colour and decorated with giant eggs and gold figures.

Our attempts to enter started in the appropriate way when we approached a ticket office and were told it was not the right ticket office. We then went in via a revolving door and revolved right out again as it was the wrong door. Then we walked a little further and joined the correct queue. Tip: go early to the Dalí Museum – the queue was much longer when we came out.

Salvador was prolific in his artistic output which is funny, weird, disturbing and brilliant as we already know. We had the feeling that, as part of the touristic throng paying homage and snapping photos, we were part of a posthumous joke. We played along nevertheless and enjoyed the experience.

In the evening we walked along the old city walls of Girona which give fine views of the city and the mountains to the west.

In both Girona and Figueras we have seen bomb shelters that remain from the Spanish civil war in the 1930s.

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