We reach the Costa Brava


A via verde (greenway) took us out of Girona into flat farmland as far as Cassa de la Selva where we stopped to check out the market. We then followed roads with the help and hindrance of Garmin.

When cycling there are several things to be avoided including backtracking, losing or gaining altitude unnecessarily and being denied access to a convenient road. We reached a dead end at one point and were faced with the possibility of having to turn back. Garmin then helped by directing us through an industrial car park on to a dirt road through a cork oak forest. Within a short time this road ended and we were obliged to climb a fence to get back on track.

Our route overall was a mixture of rural, industrial and urban. We had the distinctive peak of El Far overlooking us from the west, lots of urban fringe warehouses, a motorway and highways to get over or under and small towns of various interest.

A narrow unsealed road eventually brought us over a small pass and we had our first view of the Mediterranean. The remaining kilometres were not pleasant as they were on a highway with heavy traffic, head wind and roadside sex workers. We reached the coast at Malgrat de Mer where tourist hotels and market gardens sit side by side.

We are staying at Calella where we have swum in the sea and watched a street procession of Geganters i Grallers – giant puppets with a band of Catalan oboists.

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