Couch surfing in the suburbs


We have relocated to the suburbs of Barcelona for the last couple of nights to stay with Andreu and Marina who we hosted in Adelaide earlier this year. They have both recently returned to Spain after living in South America for some time. They are also competitive scrabble players. Andreu is going to treat us to his best Catalan dishes over the next two evenings!

We took the Metro to the bike shop to collect the boxes so that bike dismantling and packing can occur tomorrow. Our helmets went into the bin this morning after being rendered useless by the bike thieves, so, in full compliance with Spanish law, we are riding around bareheaded.

A swim at the Piscina Municipal de Montjuïc was proposed as a post-siesta activity. This is a public pool located just below the Castell de Montjuïc. A water polo carnival was in progress, so swimming was not possible, but we enjoyed the spectacular view across the city.

Heavy traffic was choking up tunnels and highways as we returned. In general we have found Barcelona to be a good cycling city with many separate cycle lanes, pedestrian crossings everywhere and a better attitude from motorists than we are accustomed to in Adelaide.

Now we are watching the soccer – Spain v Croatia. Score so far 1-1.

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