Last day in Barcelona


The plan yesterday was to travel by Metro to the Sagrada Familia to see the interior but, because of possible strikes affecting the morning peak hour, we cycled across the city again. It doesn’t look far on the map but it’s a good 30 minutes in heavy traffic with many intersections to cross and traffic light interpretations needed.

The crowds at Sagrada Familia are deftly handled with a security check required and tickets to be scanned. The entry is at the Gothic end where turtles bear the weight of the two columns at either side of the doorway. They appear to be patiently accepting their responsibility.

The cathedral inside is beautiful with huge columns branching out as they reach up. Its contemporary design makes it unlike any other.

The bike boxes awaited so after returning to enjoy Andreu’s tortilla de patatas for lunch, made to his mother’s recipe, we did the packing.

Barcelona has medium rise buildings everywhere making it is easy to lose your sense of direction with no visible landmarks. When viewed from above, it reveals its famous locations that cannot be seen at street level but gives no sense of the leafy shady tree-lined streets that make the city so pleasant. There is a veritable army of street cleaners at work every day in smart two-tone lime green uniforms. They do a great job. There are many dogs (Ian has been on beagle watch) but dog poo is not a problem. Large plastic rubbish and recycling bins are located in the streets for residential refuse.

Barcelona Bicing (city bikes) are available everywhere and are well used. We have seen many Bromptons and other folding bikes. People carry children on bike seats, sometimes front and back. We saw a parent and child riding on a battery-powered small wheel scooter. Hands-free battery-powered one wheelers are good for people who like to smoke while commuting. We took the Metro a couple of times and had less than a minute to wait for our train.

Now we are at Barcelona airport where our flight to Amsterdam has been delayed due to a mouvement social in France – probably a continuation of the one mentioned in a previous post.

3 Responses to “Last day in Barcelona”

  1. Herman Vandecauter Says:

    It was nice following your travel story and I see everything went relatively trouble free! When you fly over Belgium just say hallo! 🙂

  2. Sarah Says:

    Safe travels Rosalie and Ian. Again we have enjoyed reading your cycling travel blog.

  3. parksidestories Says:

    top class blog! I will miss my daily top up.

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