Adelaide – Doha – Berlin all went according to plan. We took a taxi with all of our gear to Regenbogenfabrik (Rainbow Factory) in Kreuzberg, a place we had discovered on the internet before leaving home. All our needs were met here, starting with the cafe (2 milchkaffees + cake), and then the bike workshop out the back, a small but well-equipped and well-patronised DIY space where anyone can drop in and do some bike repairs or assembly. We were given access to a bike stand and tools and spent an hour or more (out of the drizzle) getting the bikes back together – cost €4.


First landing – Regenbogen cafe!


Regenbogen Fahrradwerkstatt (bike workshop)


Ian at work

After this, a beer at the aforementioned cafe before walking the bikes, with the bike bags awkwardly balanced on top, a kilometre or so to the home of Florian, our WarmShowers host. We are not the only guests here – there are also two Croatian bicycle travellers who are to return home tomorrow. Although a bit tired out after recent celebrations relating to Croatia reaching the finals in the World Cup, they helped carry our luggage four floors up to an interesting apartment that is home to a household of young people, all vegans and politically active in the best possible way! We are now resting before going with Florian and Lena to dine on (according to them) the best vegan pizza in Berlin at La Stella Nera.

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  1. roswords Says:

    Alles ist gut?

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