Berlin by bike


After an early breakfast and more bike tweaking, we went to Tempelhof, the old Berlin airport that was built pre-WW2 and closed in 2008. It is now a vast public park that is used for a variety of recreational activities including garden plots (our hosts grow vegetables here), circus school, running, skating, bike riding and barbecues (grillen is only permitted in certain places). One area is devoted to housing for refugees in transportable modules, overlooked by the huge semicircular terminal building.

Refugee housing, Tempelhof

When in Berlin you must visit the Brandenburg Gate. We went there to find that the entire area has been taken over by Fanmeile Berlin, a massive outdoor World Cup festival that involves live telecasts on big screens, food, beer, sideshows and thousands of people all going crazy. This was fortunately not in full swing this morning but it will be pretty lively over the weekend.


Brandenburg Gate

We mooched around and took in a few famous sights in the peak tourist district -Konzerthaus Berlin, Berliner Dom, the museums, the Reichstag – then headed off home through the Tiergarten and went phone card shopping.

About to return from a late afternoon swim at Sommerbad Kreuzberg (swimming pool), we discovered that my front wheel had suffered a catastrophic failure (rim coming off). Good timing as it was only a 20 minute walk back – and we are not yet en route in the countryside! There is a bike shop nearby that we will patronise tomorrow. While that is getting fixed I may have a chance to try one of the many bike share schemes available here. Berlin seems to embrace them – Melbourne lift your game!


Mobike – no chain, solid tyres, haven’t tried it yet!

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  1. hermanvdc Says:

    Greetings from Alex from Ukulelistan! Now in Belgium with his brandnew his trike-bike!

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