Kreuzberg Sommerbad revisited


The Kreuzberg Sommerbad didn’t disappoint. It is a set of beautiful swimming pools set in a leafy park not far from our digs. During our last few wintry weeks in Adelaide we’d been imagining being warm in Berlin and going swimming in the sommerbad, and so it was yesterday afternoon.


There was a mass of bikes parked higgledy-piggledy around the entrance (massive in an everywhere-but-Netherlands sense) and I feared that the pools would be crowded but keine problem; there was plenty of room. The pools are very expansive and there weren’t THAT many people there, it was just that they must have ALL travelled to the pool by bicycle. How else? There was no car parking at the pool anyway.

There was less naked flaunting than last time. There were transgender inclusive facilities.

Changerooms sign


When we left we discovered Rosalie’s front rim had split and her tyre blown out.

(worn out rims) + (tyre over-pressure in the hot afternoon sun) = blow out (rim + tyre)

A visit to a bike shop is called for and Rosalie can get a brand new pair of wheels to start wearing out, but in the meantime it’s Shanks pony.

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