Baumhaus and ArtSpin


The hours of darkness are short and it’s light soon after 4am. We took an early ride to the Baumhaus, a small house and garden that were built in the 1980s beside the Berlin Wall by a Turkish immigrant. This was a recent news story as this man died in April 2018. It is a gerry-built structure with vegetables and fruit trees and plenty of pleasant areas to sit in the shade.


I was on a Mobike which was surprisingly good to ride. Only trouble was the technology went a bit heywire and Mobike kept chomping down my Euros even after I reliquished it! This was rectified quickly though by their excellent customer service. But now I have new rims from Velomondo and am back on my own bike.


We visited a Middle Eastern cafe called Djimalaya on Invaliden Strasse near the Berlin Wall Memorial. Excellent hummus and falafels. We were joined briefly on our outdoor table by an 80 year old woman who needed to sit down for 8 minutes until her tram came along. In that short time we heard about her life during which she has experienced WW2, the era of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany, for which she is grateful.

Florian, our host, invited us to participate in ArtSpin Berlin so we met him and about 400 other people on bikes and embarked on a tour of east Berlin with a number of designated stops featuring art performances or installations. One of these was at the former Australian Embassy of the GDR, a Whitlam-Honecker initiative that resulted in a classic 1970s building in Pankow, now used as a studio space for artists after fending off a threatened demolition. Our tour made quite a spectacle – we were assisted by police and attracted both abuse and applause from onlookers at various times!


ArtSpin rendezvous – iconic bridge of the Berlin Wall era


Former Australian Embassy to East Germany

3 Responses to “Baumhaus and ArtSpin”

  1. David Says:

    Enjoying the ride with you!

  2. roswords Says:

    Sala on wheels could catch on here?

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