Slow boat to Denmark


We hurried to the port to catch the 11 o’clock ferry to Gedser in Denmark but discovered they’re working to a ‘special plan’ this week so no 11 o’clock sailing and we need to wait until 1pm. On the bright side, we have some time to brush up our Danish.

DSCN1196Seaman’s Mission, Rostock

We’re sitting at a shady table outside Rostock Seaman’s Mission. Port workers and polizei are having their lunch. The canteen has a pretty impressive spread of high quality, real food on offer including fresh chive and parley garnishes, etc. We have our handlebar bags surreptitiously stuffed with delicacies from breakfast so we’ll leave that food for the locals.

Speaking of breakfast, we had a more-than-hearty frühstück at the hotel. We eschewed the steak tartare but indulged heavily on most other offerings to the sound of Pat Benatar singing Love is a Battlefield. It is reassuring to know that the German commitment to a proper breakfast and 80s pop music is undiminished.

Help yourself breakfast is a boon to touring cyclists. You NEVER regret those cheese rolls at morning tea. It’s best to prepare the trail food before eating while your motivation is piqued.

One Response to “Slow boat to Denmark”

  1. Paul Says:

    Thanks Ian and Rosalie for your entertaining posts. I sent the two about Rostock to my daughter Melissa, who lives there. She was pleased to see them, replying accurately that I seemed rather envious.

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