Waren to Rostock


Waren to Gustrow – by train Gustrow to Rostock

Today was warm and sunny. The bikeway has taken us beside lakes, through forests and farms, along dirt roads, sandy tracks and a few short stretches along actual roads. Although signposting is good, navigation still consumes quite a lot of time and we have to remain alert to keep on the correct route.


Wolf sculpture – Binnenmuritz, Waren


Dirt road through the forest on the Berlin Copenhagen Bikeway


First Trabi we have seen on this trip – nice colour but not in running order!

We stopped for lunch in Krakow am See and for a swim in Inselsee near Gustrow, along with plenty of others who were enjoying the fine weather.

In Gustrow we were approached by an enthusiastic taxi driver who wanted to know all about our trip and who told us that Sydney, the Twelve Apostles and the Olgas were ‘super cool’. He spoke English about as well as we speak German ie hardly at all.


Schloss Gustrow – looks like no-one quite knows what to do with it!

We travelled by train to cover the last 40km to Rostock – it was packed with people and lots of bikes. Rostock is celebrating 800 years as a Hanseatic city and 600 years since the founding of its university. We discovered this thanks to tram advertising – so informative!


Birds, Rostock

4 Responses to “Waren to Rostock”

  1. Peter Lavers Says:

    Nice! We had a swim today at Cable Beach.

  2. grannyontour Says:

    Nice to see you have still much fun!
    I came back from Georgia yesterday, it was a very adventurous and exciting trip especially for the language – there was almost nobody who spoke German or English…
    Today I read your last adventures – b.t.w. Schloss Güstrow is a very living castle. The whole year a good museum and a famous beautiful park/garden. In spring and fall they have many events (music, theater, conferences, gardening…) It seems someone knew what to do with it 😀
    Have fun!

    • Rosalie Day Says:

      Hello Christine, it’s great to hear from you and thanks for the information about Schloss Gustrow. You are still having some big adventures! Congratulations on your book too.

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