In Scandinavia!


Rostock to Gedser to Stubbekobing on the island of Falster, Denmark

Post breakfast we explored the old town of Rostock. The magnificent university building displays its virtues spelled out on its facade (in Latin of course): justice, diligence, modesty, patience, probity, loyalty and piety.


There are modern sculptures as well as historic buildings.

The Port of Rostock handles a lot of departures and arrivals. Travelling by bike means first on and first off, but the loading and unloading of all the trucks, cars and RVs was impressively efficient. The trip was calm – saw some dolphins and a huge offshore wind farm. As we cyclists disembarked in Gedser we were welcomed by those waiting to board who dinged their bells in chorus.


Denmark is neat and tidy with fields of beets, barley and wheat, small villages, wind turbines and quiet roads. Our route took us to our first Baltic beach where we swam to cool off. We have seen few shops, almost no accommodation along the way, no wurst and beer kiosks, not even a single hotel. Luckily we had booked a place to stay, but more planning ahead may be needed to save us from sleeping out!


Farmhouse near Gedser

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