Stevns Klint


Præstø to Rødvig to Køge

The road out of Præstø led us around the Præstø Fjord (it’s not like a Norwegian fjord, just an inlet!) on a road with a wide shoulder in red bitumen on both sides, allowing more room for bike riders than motor vehicles. It was a fine sunny day with a strong breeze.


There is a lot of grain growing around here and today we saw the first signs that harvesting is beginning. Plenty more to go as well! Our route featured wheat fields, forests, burial mounds, roadside poppies, home gardens with hollyhocks and many Danish flags, most of them long and thin, flying over farm houses. Farm gate stalls are common, some selling produce and others resembling a small scale garage sale.


After a rest in Rodvig we arrived at Stevns Klint, a UNESCO recognised site where chalk cliffs reveal a rich geological record. This are was also an important site during WW2 and the Cold War as the location was ideal for keeping an eye on maritime movements. From the lookout at the Stevns Lighthouse we could see the Øresund Bridge on the horizon – this is the bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden at Malmo.


We were looking out for a swimming opportunity and afternoon tea stop, preferably somewhere combining the two – but the former was not to be found and the latter was held sitting beside the main road of a nondescript town outside the supermarket. Things looked up on arrival in Koge which has an impressive town square with a statue of Frederick VII – popular bloke!



2 Responses to “Stevns Klint”

  1. Herman Vandecauter Says:

    There is a very nice museum in Koge! I hope you found it.

  2. grannyontour Says:

    Hello dears!
    An advice: Be careful, there are huge forest fires in Sweden north of Stockholm. Ask in time how your route looks like!

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