Koge to Copenhagen

Our accommodation in Koge was a family hostel on the edge of town with a burial mound right next door. We left without having breakfast, hoping to find some along the way. After crossing a freeway (they do have them here) and travelling through several villages with no shops, we found a bakery with excellent pastries but coffee machine on the blink. Further along the road we stopped for another try at a smorrebrod cafe where everything was in working order and the smorrebrod were delicious.

The way in to Copenhagen was well marked and we were helped by good weather and wind to reach City Hall where we had a rendezvous with Wieteke and Kees, friends from The Netherlands. It was a popular day for civil marriages with brides and grooms arriving and leaving in a steady stream.


Our first tourism activity was visiting the Tivoli Gardens, just nearby. This is a splendid place that combines beautiful gardens with a blend of traditional amusements and scary rides, with plentiful food and drink opportunities. Tivoli is celebrating its 175 year anniversary with a special program of entertainment.


Following lunch near the incredibly overcrowded harbour, we cycled along the waterfront to view the Little Mermaid, along with several hundred others. Then a return to the Tivoli took us past the Amalienborg Palace, looking splendid in the early evening light with young Danish guardsmen keeping things in order.


The 7pm pantomime in the Tivoli Gardens was a delight – beautifully presented with fine performances from dancers and actors, telling a love story that encountered a few problems but ended happily.


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