Swimming, art and bag theft


Copenhagen is one of, I’m guessing, few large harbour cities where the water is clean enough for swimming. There are several free harbourside pools here, so our early morning activity was to try out one of them. Havnebadet Fisketorvet, a little way south of the old city centre, is surrounded by modern buildings – hotel, shopping centre, highrise offices. It comprises three pools – one for children, a deep one with diving boards and a 50m pool for lap swimming. It was pleasant to swim here.


From the pool we crossed the harbour on a bike and pedestrian only bridge and rode to Vors Frelsens Kirke – it has an amazing steeple with a spiral staircase on the outside that is sheathed in copper. We ascended, as did quite a few other people, to admire the impressive view from the top. Copenhagen is a somewhat overwhelming place after the quiet Danish countryside – an amazing combination of magnificent historic and modern buildings.


Christiania, the well-known autonomous anarchist district, was nearby so we paid a brief visit. It is an interesting place but grubby – a market was setting up, Christiania bikes were among the bike fleet and plenty of graffiti, murals and public art works decorated the buildings.


We met Kees and Wieteke at midday and together we embarked on a bike ride to ARKEN, a new contemporary art museum about 17km south of Copehagen. It was hot and sunny. We took the suburban route on the way there and spent some time viewing the current exhibition that included Damien Hirst (remember the cow in formaldehyde?) and Danish artist JF Willumsen.

The ride back incuded a variety of scenery – lake, sea, sewage works, power station, huge wind turbines, airport highway, bike path closure (with detour signposted), compost depot and rubbish tip.


We unwisely chose to dine in a tourist hotspot from where Wieteke’s bag, containing phone, cards and passport, vanished, presumably stolen.

One Response to “Swimming, art and bag theft”

  1. parksidestories Says:

    What rotten luck for Wieteke!

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