Happy endings


The aftermath of the stolen bag dominated the day for Wieteke and Kees who had an anxious night followed by a morning with various bureaucracies to wrangle – police, embassy, airline. We were obliged to leave them to it and amuse ourselves with another swim at the same pool as yesterday and a visit to WeCycle, a combined cafe/bike shop, where we had coffee and bought theft-proof skewers for our wheels.


We then rode around the eastern side of Christianshavn where old ramparts remain as a car-free green space, actually a part of Christiania, with residents living in informal housing among the trees with waterfront views. There is a cycling/walking path through the area which feels surprisingly rural although it is close to the centre of Copenhagen.


We have clarified our plans for the next stage of the trip which involves our departure tomorrow morning to go to Helsingør, then by ferry to Helsingborg in Sweden.

It was hot again today. An afternoon cycle tour with Kees and Wieteke took us to the Opera House, a huge new building overlooking the harbour, then back to Christianshavn and finally to the Marble Church (Frederik’s Church), a huge domed building near the Amalienborg Palace.


We then farewelled our friends after some great times together again.


After a cooling late afternoon swim we were amazed to hear from Wieteke that her bag had been found and returned to her – minus cash and iPhone – but with everything else untouched including her passport. It had been dumped in another restaurant not far from where we had been sitting last night. A salutary lesson has been learned though and we are on a higher level of security alert than before.

One Response to “Happy endings”

  1. roswords Says:

    Whew so glad she got it back! You can leave them with relief

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