Sunny Sweden – but it’s too hot!


Helsingborg to Osby

We left Nadia’s immaculate AirBnB in Helsingborg early after a self-catered breakfast of muesli and drinking yoghurt. It was a clear, calm day and we were soon cycling in idyllic conditions through tranquil Swedish farmlands.


There are no significant ridges or valleys (or rivers) just gently undulating farm land and forests (glacial moraines?). The countryside is dotted with small hamlets, villages and towns. There are also isolated factories that look clean and tidy.

There are many huge horse studs with sleek horses and leggy foals. Other farm animals included cattle in stalls and in the fields, sheep, alpaca and a few ostriches!

Garmin took us on an extended spruce forest adventure where we saw deer grazing and scampering away.

We stopped for reviving food and drink a bakery (bageri) in Klippan.


This is what the school children buy from the Klippan bakery – their school lunches are too healthy!

We’ve cycled on mostly quiet roads and segregated cycleways. Where we had to contend with traffic, the drivers (with one notable exception) have been considerate and have given us a wide berth.

The day turned out to be hot and long and we arrived in Osby worn out. Fortunately there is a cool, tea-coloured and surprisingly shallow lake where we soaked to cool down before dinner.


Osby is a great place for trainspotting with many trains passing every hour (freight, regional and fast intercity). Contrary to what we had read, at least some of the regional trains take bikes so we may resort to those in coming days.

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