Muddling about on trains


Växjö to Tranås by train

It was HOT again! We muddled on trains because of the heat and Ian’s incipient cold. Admirable though Swedish trains are, they remind us why independent transport is preferable – you can waste time but you don’t have to do it on a railway platform.


Carl Linne (Linnaeus) surrounded by kale and cosmos – Växjö

Swedish rail employees were helpful and spoke excellent English – this was good as we had to make two changes. Even the man on the SJ train that we thought we were going to board (the national railway company on which you may not take a bike) was polite and explained that we could take a different train. All the trains go fast but most do not have effective air conditioning.

We had to wait for over an hour in Alvesta so we returned to Cafe St Clair and were welcomed again by the Japanese proprietor – she regards us as regulars now! Here we also made friends with Adam, a marketing executive who has escaped Stockholm and returned to his hometown to grow potatoes. Pity about the terrible season. He owns a pair of RM Williams boots!


Adam & Ian outside Cafe St Clair


Cafe St Clair, Alvesta

On the next train we met Peter who was doing a round trip by bicycle from Stockholm to Växjõ. We’ve arranged to meet for a beer when we get to Stockholm. Both Peter and Adam gave us some training in the pronounciation of Swedish place names. It is not at all straightforward, eg Växjö = Vekwe, Nässjö = Nekwe and that’s only an approximation. The part means by a lake.

There are Volvos everywhere here. We have seen a few classic models as well as some that look fresh off the production line.


Tomorrow we will be back on the bikes and heading for Opphem – by a lake!

One Response to “Muddling about on trains”

  1. Paul Roberts Says:

    My favourite Swedish place name pronunciation is Gothenburg, Swedish spelling Göteburg pronounced yurt-e-boory

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