Boating & moon watching


Tranås to Opphem

The weekly market was being set up in Tranås square as we left town at 8am. It was cool, sunny and calm and we rode on quiet roads through tranquil forests. We passed many lakes and stopped at one for a swim, joining a Swedish family who were sunning themselves and playing frisby and a woman with a regal-looking Irish Setter. He had a beautiful red-brown coat and was reluctant to get it wet.


By the time we arrived at Opphem in the early afternoon it was hot again. We found Lisse and Roger (friends who lived in Adelaide in 2006-07) at their summer house. They took us in their boat to an island in the lake for a picnic and swimming. The lakes are extensive and joined by small canals. Apparently you can navigate to the sea or to the Göta Canal.

Lisse and Roger’s house is 70s-themed on the inside and Falu red on the outside – the traditional colour for almost every house and farm building in the Swedish countryside. The iron oxide pigmented paint looks perfect against the dark green forests and the homes appear cosy and inviting – all too cosy in this record breaking summer.


We spent the evening on and by the lake watching the lunar eclipse. Surprisingly, it was visible in Adelaide and Opphem simultaneously. It was difficult to see the moon because of haze near the horizon but finally Lisse spotted it, faint at first, but growing brighter in its full umbral, red stage. We watched as it emerged from the Earth’s shadow – it seems that the Earth may indeed be round after all!

We had a great time catching up with Lisse and Roger and will stay another day before heading on towards Stockholm. We slept in the cubby house in the garden.


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