It’s hot in Stockholm and it didn’t cool down last night. However many activities, as well as recovery from yesterday, have been achieved. First was breakfast with my nephew Jarrah who has been travelling around the Baltic and Scandinavia, mainly using the power of his own legs as he is an orienteering champ. We met at Cykelcafé Le Mond where they love US cycling great Greg LeMond and give you 10 percent off if you arrive by bike. We pleaded Jarrah’s case as he had run all the way from his hostel.


Next was swimming in the harbour at an area we spotted on the way in to the city yesterday – water quality is good, temperature perfect, plenty of swimmers.


Around this area were many small garden allotments surrounded by picket fences that were being painted in an indolent kind of way by a team of young people who seemed more interested in their phones than the application of paint.

More rest, haircut and shopping followed before a touristic expedition to the Abba Museum, located beside Stockholm’s Gröne Lund amusement park. We love Abba but not enough to pay over $A80 entry price so we admired it from the outside.


Stockholm buses and many shops are sporting rainbow flags. They seem to be the remnant of a few recent events. Most recently, there was a Pride March here on 30 July but Stockholm has been sharing EuroPride 2018 with Gothenburg during July. Earlier in the month there were pro-diversity demonstrations in response to the appearance of a Swedish white supremacist group at a multi-party political event.

An evening walk took us past the boule players again – the games are intense, the standard of play is high and it’s good entertainment for onlookers.


We walked to Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm, with hundreds of tourists, cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops.


We have booked to sail on Friday’s ferry to Turku, Finland. The weather forecast is for a slightly cooler day tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Sweltering!”

  1. roswords Says:

    Wasnt Jarrah just a child the other day? Goodness gracious
    Stockholm remembered from 4 yrs ago not quite so hot but v enjoyable on bike around Gamla Stan
    Relaxing ferry ride coming up?

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