Viking Line


Stockholm to Turku, Finland by ferry

A slightly cool breeze blew as we boarded the Viking Line ferry, Grace, this morning.

Our long (11 hours) ferry ride was impressive in many ways. The scenery was amazing as we passed thousands of rocky islands of all sizes, some with little room to spare on either side of the boat. Any that are large enough are inhabited.

The ferry provides for everyone. You can begin on your first beer just after boarding at 7.45am! There are several levels of cabins and reserved seating which we did not use. There are bars, cafes and an all you can eat buffet where patrons are requested to avoid food waste and ‘eat as much as you desire but only fill up your plate with what you bare (sic) to eat’. There is also a casino, pokies, night club with live band (open during the daytime), bingo, children’s entertainment, on deck pedal car track and Twister game and duty free shopping.

The ferry called in at Mariehamn (nicely executed 3 point turn to back in to the ramp) and that was when we found out that Åland is in Finland, not Sweden. On board we observed several Finnish Roma, indentifiable by their distinctive clothing – the women wear long velvet skirts with a kind of hoop just below waist level that give them an unusal line!

We arrived in Turku at 7pm and found a lively riverside beer and food festival in progress.


2 Responses to “Viking Line”

  1. roswords Says:

    How delightful I did that trip to Marrieham and recognised the sole wooden house on a rock with white pyramid quite unusual and visually arresting! I learnt 3 weeks ago from another Rosalie in Aland that her mother Jocelyn had died age 95 she was a longtime friend of my mothers they corresponded over 60 years or so. Anyway sounds like you had a calm and well catered for trip those ferries are something else.

    • Rosalie Day Says:

      Great to know that both of us observe the most important features. Sorry to hear about Marguerite’s friend. We are now in a idyllic rural setting beside a lake but with no dinner!

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