King’s Road from Turku


Turku to Salo, Finland

Our digs last night were an Airbnb room in Oskari’s 5th floor apartment in Turku, small and stuffy due to the weather, but spacious compared to our place in Stockholm.


Turku style!

The day began with grey skies and enough drizzle to make us wet. We took the 110 road, the old highway with a nice bike path, out of town. We spoke to a young woman who confirmed our proposed direction. She said that last summer they had 2 days when the temperature exceeded 25C, this summer over 40 days of 25C+.

Traffic avoidance took us to Paimio and then to Hakala where we were inspired, by a sign indicating coffee, to stop at Tromperin Kestikivari. This is a historic house that shows aspects of country life in Finland from the past. We were fortunate to find two young women inside providing hot drinks and cakes. Sofia (trainee hairdresser) and Ada-Lotta (about to commence studies in medicine) were running the cafe as a holiday job. They were short of customers so were pleased to see us. Sofia gave us a brochure about the King’s Road (Kuningkaantie), our intended route that will take us to Helsinki and then on to Vyborg.


As we were about to ride away from the cafe, a heavily laden cyclist came speeding past. This was Christian from Frankfurt, who is doing a similar route to us but in the opposite direction and at a greater velocity. He told us that he had a lot of rain in Poland, broke a tooth on a hard Russian biscuit, found Russian traffic a bit challenging and made it from St Petersburg to Vyborg (130km) in one day. We hope to avoid all of the above!


We are now at Lehmirannan Lomakeskus (Leaf Beach Hotel according to Google), a modest country resort in a beautiful location by a lake and surrounded by forest. It’s a kind of hostel with activities, swimming, exercise and wellness aimed at retirees. An old bloke is playing tunes on the button accordion in the cafe and the Finnish retirees are all singing along. But they don’t provide dinner here so we have to make do with cafe snacks and save up for breakfast as we are 13km south of the nearest town, Salo. We rowed across the lake in the hope of finding a kiosk but no luck – only a big sandy beach with lots of kids jumping into the water off diving platforms unsupervised by any lifeguards.

3 Responses to “King’s Road from Turku”

  1. Sartenada Says:

    Great post. I tried yesterday to ask where are you biking, but I did not find my question. Now I try again to write on Your post.

    This is the place where you should visit before going to Russia. The place is near to Kotka.

    Imperial Fishing Lodge

    This is how we saw Vyborg:

    From Terijoki to Vyborg

    We Finns bike even in hard winter.

    Happy and safe biking!

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