Finland – best country!


Salo to Lohja, Finland

Finland is regarded as one of the best countries in which to live. As a non-expert on Finnish social policy I have heard that they provide excellent family support services (heard of the baby box?), place a high value on education and hold teachers in high esteem. They have good public transport services with bus stops along almost every sealed road to benefit rural dwellers and to feed train services. Finns are proud to pay taxes that we might consider rather high because they know that they will be well spent and benefit the population.


This morning we left the retirees’ resort after eating a substantial breakfast and making friends with the button accordion player and with Sarah, the singing teacher and mother of 6, who wants to take her family on bike riding holidays.

We travelled on quiet country roads through fields of wheat, barley and beet, along gravel roads and forest tracks, then a secondary road with a low to moderate volume of traffic.

Our coffee stop was at Karjalohja, a small town with several cafes and a large church with the bells pealing.

Our accommodation tonight is at Lylyisten Kartano, a couple of km off the road near Lohja. It is a low-brow establishment near a lake with several cottages as well as rooms in a large building. The proprietor seemed rather fierce as we cycled up to meet her outside the office and she confirmed that there was no food or beer available. Fortunately, after a rest, a trip of about 3km brought us to a small supermarket where the staff member kindly helped us to identify the items we wanted – the milk and yoghurt sections can be confusing. We have now cooked our first meal since leaving home!

One Response to “Finland – best country!”

  1. Sartenada Says:

    What a high praise of Finland. Thank You. When continuing towards to the East, You should pass thru these two towns. Porvoo. Its old town is worth for a visit. If the church is open then go inside. There for example a beautiful Votive ship. Another town with old town is Loviisa. Nice place to stop.

    Some photos of it:

    Old town of Loviisa and church

    Happy and safe travels.

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