Next we take Berlin


Schwedt to Wandlitz, Germany

Dawn broke with clear blue skies and wisps of mist around the trees but by the time we had breakfasted and packed, the mist had settled in and we rode off up the Oder River in mild, still conditions. The scenes across the river flats and the ridge to the west were enhanced by the fog.

We left the river at Lunow-Stolzenhagen and headed west towards Berlin. A local bike riding codger called Eric gave us some advice and encouragement and we cycled on through rolling farmland and forest.

A bad, rocky forest track led us to Kloster Chorin (ruined church and cloisters) where, to our surprise, a church service was just starting with four massed brass bands and a large congregation. They sounded pretty good taking turns at hymn verses and all joining in on a bluesy kyrie.

An excellent cycle path led us to Eberswalde and then we were stuck on a nasty, narrow and busy road for too long before finding quieter alternatives to Wandlitz for our last night before Berlin.

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